Consulting reference resources to help in lesson preparation, reflection and discovery activities


I didn’t see an old book as an obsolet tool for working before as much as I do now, just because the latest editions include so many items according to our present coursebooks and lesson planning; they’re clearer and more interesesting, with useful lists of procedures; skills notions with activities, etc. So I believe an old book could be helpful but a new edition one would be the best for your lesson planning!

Language by it self is changing with our age of new technology quick developing; online tools and micro chips, dvds and mp3 and videos online transformation access; so it’s not just for obligation as a teacher to keep updating  one self and avant-garde, but because one can find so much help online too.

It dependes on the course, students and lesson one is giving in order to decide if a monolingual, bilingual or electronic dictionary could be the best for that class. Personally I prefer the monolingual at school and I advice to have several dictionaries online too at home at theircomputers.

web site: are also great reference resources because experience and work talk by themselves and sharing them is the best.

From the resources I have used online:

1. Youtube transformation with mozilla firefox: One can type in the main youtube page a song, cartoon,movie, etc and after it’s been displayed, and choosen; if we’re using the mozila firefox as the internet navigator, we can change that video to an mp3 audio or song or a video; so you could bring it to class.

2. I was just told by one colleague about making “economic” little whiteboards for our students by using contac paper in an old notebook with a white sheet of paper inside and  I think it’s a fantastic idea for public schools.

3. Sometimes for special holydays and events we exchange tips about which activities, dances or poems could fit.

4. In the same TKT course we have gather a considerable amount of tools, techniques and online materials that would bring colour to our classes and it would be great to put them on practice.

from this web site:


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  1. Erika,
    I love the idea of making whiteboards. When I use the ones I have bought in class everyone gets active, from beginners to advanced students. They get involved with such a flexible medium. Making them out of paper sounds like great.

    Thanks for the tip on youtube transformations. I love learning about tools that will help me in the classroom and can’t wait to try it out.

    This course provides a wealth of information for everyone, may teachers be learners forever!
    I hope you don’t mind but I have tweeted your post to share it with many people. Expect more action on your blog, check the cluster map.

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