Choosing assessment activities reflections and discovery


I give my students informal tests as often as I can and I repeat to them they’re for knowing what do they need to practice more, or find it hard and needing a review; and not to take it as a grade; so they can relax and receive the feedback this test gives them.

I love to work on portfolios to assess my students, because they speak about the learners progress by themselves and children are very motivated with them.

And I agree that we can assess our students while they’re doing normal classroom activities; so tests are not always neccesary.


From the assessment activities listed on the TKT book, I haven’t work with cloze test and sentence transformation much, but I believe having a variety of all these makes the class more fun, interesting and motivating for the students.

For informal assessment there are several oportunitites to apply together with my coursebook lessons planning.
I uploaded pictures from a recycling milk boxes project we did before having the coursebook, but now with all the topics it’s easier to develop and much more attractive for a good unit closure or also linking to the next units. It all depends on which informal activity you decide to follow.

In the links:

1. http// IS NOT WORKING
2. http//
Is not the right page where the downloads are, this is the right link:
I found it very intersting and though of it as an excellent tool with older children (ages up to seven).
3. in thsi last link
My antivirus said it’s a troyan web site, it didn’t let me open it.

from this site:


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