Planning an individual lesson or a sequence of lessons, reflection and discovery activities

  • It depends alot in the coursebook as well as on the syllabus of the schools to decide our scheme of work.

Sometimes there’s a lot of time because there’s not enough in the content, but sometimes there are so many units to cover one really needs to check if there would actually ever be a time for extra activities(aside fromt he coursebook).

It’s much better to have a scheme of work to see if we’re covering the syllabus; but must of the teachers have not this habit, so, yes it’s hard, but it will definitelly become very helpfull in our teaching, in general.

  • Discovery:

The links I found in my first grade coursebook units were that the first four units are about understand and respond to greetings; while the next four are about participatingin the reading andwriting of rhymes and stories in verses; so the first four ones follow a chain; I guess the other units change topic because of changing practicing skills.
And the oportunities the book gives to recycle and revise language are plenty, and they’re practiced day by day; unit by unit.
The materials I could bring to class to improve the connections between lessons are for example songs which would link greetings, courtesy expressions and farewell in rhymes (thay way I’d be covering units 1 to 8).

Students could complete a story in verses with vocabulary implying: greetings, courtesy expressions and farewel.

I could search for puzzle makers which would involve mixing units.

As for the project work link:
I think I could (love) to adapt this from teenagers focus to children focus, making it easier but possible, because these project work implies the parents (by completing at home and talking about it, having them help perhaps), the group (sharing tips with classmates, showing it to the class, etc), the whole school (annual performance and show, if possible).

The other link about UK publishers doesn’t allow me to enter unless I become a user.

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