Activity with Bloom’s Taxonomy


1. Remember: Make a list of your spare time favorite activities.

2. Understand: Explain how often do you get to do this activities within a week and if you do them with some friends. Also provide an example of  one of these spare time activities with mimic.

3. Apply: Could these activities take place in a forest? in a Desert? In a beach? In a city? Why yes or why not?
From the list you made, group by characteristics such as: a) Require equipment, b) More dangerous or need supervising, c) Individual or group activity.

4. Analyze: What could be a problem to get to practice these activities? Compare your list with a classmate one; what do they have in common? Which activities from your classmate would you also like /dislike to do, why?

5.Evaluate: What would be the best solution to the problems you’ve mention before for getting to do the activties? Why do you think these activities are for spare time and why are they your favorites? Do you think roller blading in a city is a good or a bad thing? What changes would you do in the city in order to be able to practice your activity without danger or problems?

6. Create: Design a poster to make awareness within the city population on why are these activities good for children, teenagers and adults to practice. Compose a hip-hop song about your spare time activities. Mention possible solutions for an activity hard to practice where you live (example: hockey). How many steps/ways are there for using a skateboard?



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  1. Erika,
    I love your activities. Do you see how the higher cognitive activities already take for granted the learning of the vocabulary. It is almost as if the vocabulary teachers itself. Very creative!!!!

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