Presentation techniques and introductory activities, reflections and discovery activities

  • With PPP us teachers work much more grading, and making averages instead on being involved in another process like the TBL, where the student is the one who does the work, learns, is an active subject and tries to communicate, not memorize loose words.

Unfortunatelly our educational system works with PPP in the most boring and bossy ways for a student.

But PPP works great for a student in a “hurry” to work on her/his grammar and accuracy; so it depends on what a student needs to learn to decide wich approach and techniques will we be using for the lessons.

  • In my coursebook I found the new vocabulary presentation focusing more in form, since it has the main vocabulary with pictures attached, organised by topic; we present them with audio support.
  • In a class using PPP most of the students already follow the “program”, meaning, they already know they open the book, I’ll give the translation of new vocabulary, they will listen to the audio and repeat it..

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