Learner characteristics reflections and discovery activities


there's no author on the site, but the site is: www.chiangmaisos.comI’m visual and auditory mainly and  most of my students are like that too, but in any event, I always try to attach games and songs to the school topics because then all or most of the intelligences meet with this goal to achieve knowledge.

I supply the students with several learning strategies such as word box (main vocabulary to be developed through the unit), keep asking them to start a journal and if they do, we always give some extra five minutes after classes to check on them, display flashcards, involving them into doing some themselves, control the feedback in class between classmates and/or the teacher while another student takes the risk and talks using the new vocabulary, etc.

I believe learning by heart can be perfectly mixed with grammar, therefore if a student comes with a thing learnt with the former, I immediatly write it on the board, find the way to attach it with grammar and have this student and/or the class to complete with exercises of their own according to an example  given in the whiteboard.

-I observed 2 children at the Elementary school:

Adrian, from Morelia, 6 years old. Loves running and playing soccer with his friends, he hardly sits still and he doesn’t like reading but he likes drawing.

Fatima, from Morelia, 5 years old. Loves playing with dolls and hanging out with her friend Camila. She enjoys writing and reading and drawing, but she’s shy.

From their profiles and backgrounds I think Adrian is kinaesthetic and social; so any activity that involves moving and being in a group while playing will be perfect for him.

Fatima in the other hand is more visual, so activities such as completion of stories using writing or drawing will be great for her.

-Acoording to the links:

1. http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles.ilsweb.html
It’s a link to a questionaire to find out your learning styles, whic I’ve already didand pasted my results in another post

2. http://www.learning-styles-online.com
It’s a site to read and find more about learning styles. I saw a link to lumosity, which is a great site for mental gymnastics.

3. http://www.onestopenglish.com/section.asp?docid=155562
it contains an exercise taken from a real TKT test that has to do with learning strategies. Right after the exercise there’s a wide explanation about the later and how to practice better even with a link to the TKT glossary.


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