Motivation, reflections and discovery activities


Motivation reflections

I have a job in a public elementary school with 45 to 50 children per classroom in first and second grades;of course it’s hard to motivate each learner, but I try to give a positive feedback and praises whenever I can.

In the learning center motivation it’s another story. I teach teenagers and adults with some children mixed up in groups of five to fifteen students per classroom. Here I have the chance to bring in visitors to create a target language culture motivation as well as a wish to communicate fully with them.

I can’t put anything on the walls in the Elementary school since English it’s a complementary subject; but I do bring posters, drawings and conferences and paste them while my class lasts. Also, I take photos when the children bring in their homeworks.

In the Languages center all the student works are pasted on the walls for a week, then we have a winner, so we make sure we leave room for further topic works and motivate them to do a better designed, clearer and more attractive work.

I believe it’s very important to give clear instructions with a strong voice and speaking sloly with the children at the Elementary School; otherwise they  would get lost and start playing around so within 2 minutes the classroom would be a nightmare.

At the languages Center goals are given, shared and spoken at the begining of each lesson, but since the procedure is more or less the same, they are already familiarized with the type of exercises in their coursebooks, work activity books, and songs or videos; so the goals are more personal, perhaps this laso has to do with the age. Adults are paying to receive this class, they already have that strong motivation; teenagers love music and the visitors; another important items to keep them interested. And all of them enjoy the classroom atmosphere which it contains a plaesent , calm secure and ordered environment.

Motivation discovery activities

From the resources given in the coursebook

It’s a bout music and all the things a teacher can do with it to help learning motivation in english. The page has printable materials for classroom use, lessons, lyrics, and ideas and forums (which from what I check has so many more links uploaded from another teachers world wide.

It has alot of exercises online with the four skills and more. I liked the multiple option exercises free for visitors.

It’s just a biography of a teacher trainer, writer and presenter with information about his work, but nothing else to use or download there.

In the video I found of a teacher teaching English as a foreing language

I can see that it’s a multicultural group ages perhaps 8 or 9. He moves around asking the same question and praising the students when they answer, “giving a five”, support in the shoulder, and looking at them straight in the eye with a moment for the children to think, aswer and receive the praise. He must have like 25 to 30 students in that group.

From my coursebook, I chose “Lucky people” a shor stories with pictures text.
For motivation I could:
-briefly talk about a lucky personal experience and ivite them afterwards to mention one themselves and try to have a good and healthy laugther on how we got out of “that one” without no more trouble.
-Order and calm is important to adults, so I would give clear instructions, have all the materials set beforehand, measure time for our experiences giving a moment for every student shared lucky situation, etc.
-Some students like challenge, so I could almost bet they would be the ones sharing that lucky experience.
And these are some of the motivation points I would use in that class.

From the given strategies for motivation t able in our TKT coursebook I choose:
-Find penfriends for your learners (Livemocha and babbel already in mind)
-Select interest tasks and topics (I just heard from one teenager in class about a bike way in Patzcuaro, so I keep this in mind to develop further activities).


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