Exposure and focus on form reflections and discovery activities



  • I learnt English on my own with music; traveled to Canada since I was 12, in the summer; I started a journal in this language; started translating songs; got books as presents; kept correspondance with English speakers; moved one year to work in Toronto with english speakers; and although I had english in highschool I ask to make the school semester exam since the program was so boring and tedious to attend to.

I think this is the second serious course I have taken in all my life, and I hope I can get better so I can teach better.

  • At the languages center interaction and acquisition meet in every lesson just in how the coursebook is developed, and also because  I try to exposure them to the language with the course cd, songs, videos and/or visitors coming to our classes.

At the Elementary school it’s harder, because of so many very young students with no previous or very poor exposure to the language,  and no resources farther than the ones I bring to class (posters, flashcards, books).

  • The exams in the languages center must contain a grammar section, an oral, a listening and a writing sections so we make sure students get the four skills examined and by doing so, they will know what do they need to practice mor eon or if they’re doing just fine.

Discovery activities

I watched a group at the Learning Center, ages from 13 to 35 with 8 students in intermeddiate level.
I found out that they were using acquisition while lsitenig to their favourite song; they tell one another many things, like moives, wii games, things at school they like. They also focus on form when they filled in the fomrs (gapped in sentences) in the lesson.
By looking at this unit from my coursebook I found the following focused on activities:

Unit 5 Conditional:

Acquisition Interaction Focus on form
The students listen to their favorite song Two students present to the rest of the group a conference about the “ajolote” in Patzcuaro lake A students says: “If it rains tonight I’ll stay home”; the teacher says “Conditional, present real.

I consider the overall unit focus suits my learners needs at a certain level because as I repeat to them: school will give them a twenty five percent of the knowledge they need; the rest is personal work and passions, interests and time invested into it.





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