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  • My students get embarrassed to speak in front of the whole class at begginers levels or being teenagers with the boy/girl they like in the same classroom, or adults havig a hard time letting go fear, prejudices or it’s just hard for them.

I explain it will take time, and I show how everybody is on the same basis, I point out they’re a group and therefore they need to support each other by encouraging their classmates to speak up, by being patience if some of them are already familiarized with English, and by keeping the goal of learning.  After a few months I emphasize in how much they have learn since they first started, they noticed this and feel more motivated.

I like to sit a very talkative and social student with a shy or quiet one in certain activities that involve speaking.

Sometimes I use games like tic tac toe where they need to answer a question practicing pronunciation, spelling, fluency, accuracy or appropiacy while reading a paragraph correctly to the class in order to gain points to win in the game.

I’ve found the competitive personalities and characters come from within and they also have a blast while playing.

Students can speak all they want as long as it’s in English and while they do it, I help correcting pronunciation, tenses, vocabulary right after they shared an idea or an experience to the class. This must be done in a relaxed atosphere where they know they don’t need to write, or get a bad grade if they make a mistake, but backwards; and as they speak, they realize theyhave used another tense or new vocabulary, which excites them and make them feel good about themselves.

Speaking, discovery activities

I looked at unit 3 Passive voice and Relative Pronousin my coursebook; it focuses on discussing and describing things for the speaking activities. I must add there are listening and speaking completion activities in the cd as well as repetition outloud for idioms and situations; for the student book and the work activity book.


A: Who write this story?
B: I think it was written by Edgar Allan Poe

Students also need to focus on their own life history, so they can relate the passive voice spoken with coherenc,e cohesion and interaction:

“The books from the Gertrudis Bocanegra Public Library in Patzcuaro were donated by Gertrudis Bocanegra herself.

I recorded a few paragraphs from “The Crow by Egar Allan Poe”. I got nervouse since I had tried this only once and it had been a while ever since. When I recorded again I felt even more nervouse because I was trying to be so accurate, fluent, and emphasize in the most horrifying parts; so I made more mistakes than the first time. I think I need to improve practicing, and I believe one gets better having in mind all the skills and subskills mentioned in our lesson.

The links to practice pronunciation and finding more about speaking:
1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/language/
It contains very interesting updated real life articles with a listening, a report, a words and a text files to combine  the four skills.

2. http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/think/knowledge-wiki/input

It contains lots of articles with tips of how to approach and enhance the four skills practice in the classroom or individualy.

3. http://www.link2english.com/english_secondary.asp#SPEAKING
It’s a broken link

It contains a downloadable pdf with the aspects of pronunciation, grammar items like phonems, etc.
Also, it has a lesson plan for a TKT teacher and how to give this lesson to the trainners.


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  1. Erika,
    You might consider that no one really likes speaking in public, it is a fact that more humans are scared to speak in public than they are of death. Can you believe that?

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