Listening exercise easy and difficult parts


Listening section from my course book observations:

Side by side, Longman, level 1 beginners, Unit I interview a famous person, audio and develop questions exercise.

What the learners found easy and why What the learners found difficult and why
What’s your name?They’ve heard it before and they repeat it the in their first time without fear or hesitation. What do you do?They have problems with auxiliaries since they’re not used in Spanish and even more because in this question you have the DO as an auxiliary and as a verb, together.

It redirect you to several links for listening purposes or some other teaching ones.

This website is for teaching with music. It contains the lyrics, the youtube video and you can choose music by gender or most popular songs.

I already used BBC for my teaching, I really love it. In this page one finds a downloadable pdf with teaching listening techniques.

Wow! It has audio online placed by ages and levels! It contains short stories, also typed down below the audio. It must be mentioned the narrator is British.

This website has lots of links with pronunciation listening activities and there are so many, it’s important to check a few to decide which ones can you recommend as a teacher for your students. In this case I would go for very simple pages with audio in them, not links to pages with more links.

Hey! Audio books are the coolest!


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