Grammar tools online for us to make it not painful but enjoyable


The link about songs and grammar from Emma in Turkey, took me to  the Pearson webpage, I signed in, and found all these links that have to do with songs and grammar teaching:

1. Pop songs in the classroom (it’s a pdf file), where the author explains thatit doesn’t matter what type of students one has, once you play a song, they can sing it with perfect intonation even if they don’t understand the words and

it doesn’t matter how well or fluent you pronounce, the thing is to let go with the music and it’s a great gap fill activity as well:

2. How to act with lazy students? (It’s a post in a forum where the author considers music is a big time motivation for lazy or dimotivated students; it mention how to use music to create a relaxed and interesting classroom athmosphere.

I’ve found a great tool for teaching grammar with so many videos, exercises and tools already developed in this website!

And it also gave me a great idea: I could also find segments from series or movies my students love at the moment; I could get some of the exercises on the webpage or design some others for the class.

It’s wonderful because students get to listen to a native accent, have all these exercises to strength what they’ve saw and learnt grammar in a relaxed and interactive way.

As teachers we need to know as much as we can about grammar, not only in English but also in our native language of course, because it makes us more professional and it gives us the confidence to share a good experience with the students. After studying Unit III I know I’ll need to make time to review several items in this topic.

Fortunately we now have so much support online to help us change the idea of grammar as a painful and tedious time at class; we have in our hands the opportunitiy to make a nice class of it and learn together with the students.

Now, how are we going to make this magic happen? Easily: make use of all the online support we can (choosing the best activities for it  such as these songs and movie segments tools), and keep in mind is important to have the student relate the grammar we’re teaching to their lives. I suggest us to keep updated with the hits in music and the most popular movies to watch, by asking the students themselves.


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  1. Erika,
    Gap filling music lyrics, singing, chanting, getting rid of the fear of speaking is a marvelous way to let our hair (and our students’ hair) down in the classroom. Besides being great for 5 minute fillers, studying grammar, and learning new vocabulary, songs are also great fun. Great post.

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