About first classes on September 8th and 15th a bit late :D


Working on getting most or everything on the blog a bit late (ay caramba), but here we go.


I couldn’t wait to start classes on Ciudad Universitaria in Morelia, it was a dream for so long and finally seeing the light…

It was also very special because my first impression on our teacher was that she is professional, accesible, humanitarian, adventurer and always giving the best with her work.

Going to Chilam Balam to class was very nice because I got to meet my classmates and I was impressed to receive a class with videos, exercises to make our brains work as well as our legs, and during the breaktime I felt alot of union in this wish to become better teachers while having fun, making new friends and learning new tools,  from everybody.


Our class in C.U. was very different from the one at Chilam Balam, because of the space and mostly because of that lively energy the Univerity has.

We had to sit together more tightly and get used to our space with the chairs; class was just like the one before, very interesting, widely prepared with videos and exercises with classmates, individually and it was nice to find friends and being already familiarized with the classmates.

Well, we’re in the middle of the course and I feel time has just flown!

Mmm, also, I can’t wait to start using the tools we’re learning in TKT inside my classes 😀

gotta see this movie!!

Love Studio Ghibli movies 😀


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