Reflections about the ALTE and CEFR matrix


With this homework I was able to locate my actual English level; which I find very important to keep up-dated and continuing knowledge growing, because my main goal is to become a most professional teacher so I can provide fun, useful and interesting lessons; specially meaningful learning; all of this with the objective that the students learn.

Then I realized the importance of worldwide standard qualification exams, since I had read very briefly about all the levels and was confused; now I understand these documents reflect the achievements of individual learning in a foreing language, with their respective stages success.

According to my research and the matrix created I can conclude that both documents were created with the aim of being able to apply a more accurate exam which would include not just memorized knowledge of a language but it also includes communication skills, teaching and learning tools and awareness of smaller languages together with the importance of protecting their cultures.



P.S. I didn’t post my matrix in here since I understood we are bringing a printed version on Saturday.


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    • My Dear Teacher,
      I’d love to take the TOEFL test!
      I know I need to study very hard in order to achieve the grades I expect to 😀

      So far it’s been a pleasure being back in school, in this TKT course with such a motivating and profesional teacher,
      and you have just read my mind with my goals , so thanks!!!

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